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BBC News: 纽约市发生25年最严重火灾

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 BBC News with Justin Green


President Trump has told the New York times he believes the special council’s investigation into alleged collusion between his campaign and Russian officials makes the United States, as he put, look bad. In an interview, Mr. Trump repeatedly insisted the inquiry had not discovered any collusion.


12 people have been killed in a fire at an apartment building in the Bronx District of New York. The city’s mayor Bill de Blasio called it the worst fire of its kind in the city in 25 years . The blaze has now been put out.


The last of a group of critically ill patients has been evacuated from a rebel-held area near the Syrian capital, Damascus. 29 people in urgent need of medical assistance have now been transferred to the capital in a deal with the Syrian government. The Red Cross says it hopes this will be the start of further evacuations.


Supporters of the former footballer George Weah have been celebrating his election victory as the President of Liberia. The 51 years old who was born in a slum in the capital Monrovia secured 60% of the vote. He’ll succeed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in mid January.


A huge fire at an office and restaurant complex in India’s financial capital Mumbai has killed at least 14 people and injured a number of others. The blaze in a building of the Kamala Mills compound is reported to break out in a restaurant.

印度金融中心孟买一间办公室和餐厅发生大火,造成至少14人死亡,多人受伤。据报道,位于孟买中心的Kamala Mills商业大楼发生大火,火灾由London Taxi酒吧引起,随后迅速延烧至整栋建物。

The Tech giant Apple has apologized to customers after admitting it had deliberately slowed down old mobile phones models prolong their battery life. It’s promising to reduce the price for a placement of battery for certain phones.


A well-known New York gangster has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for arson. Vincent Sarrow who is 82 pleaded guilty to ordering a car to be set on fire after the driver cut across in traffic. A judge said the sentence took into account a life time of violent criminal activity.


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