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BBC News: 到2035年上海市常住人口控制在2500万左右

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 BBC News with Steward Macintosh.


Thousands of Peruvians have protested in the capital Lima against the decision to pardon the jailed former President Alberto Fijimori on health grounds. Riot police fired teargas and tried to prevent the demonstrators from getting into the clinic where Mr. Fijimori is being treated. President Kuczynski has been accused of making a deal with the opposition to release Mr. Fijimori in exchange for his own political survival.


Supporters of Vladimir Putin will meet in Moscow today to begin the formal process of nominating him as their candidate for president in next year's election. Mr. Putin is seeking a fourth term in office. It comes a day after the electoral commission barred the opposition leader Alexei Navalny from standing.


The aid agency Médecins Sans Frontières says the security situation in the Central African Republic is deteriorating with escalating violence hampering its work on a daily basis. MSF says it's having to reduce activities in some places often cutting services to people who have no other access to health care.


A prominent Chinese human rights activist, best known by his social media alias Super Vulgar Butcher, has been jailed for eight years for subversion. Wu Gang, has been held since 2015 when the authorities targeted hundreds of lawyers and activists for arrest or questioning.


Britain's royal navy says there's been an increase in the number of Russian ships travelling through or near the UK's territory or waters over the holiday period. On Christmas Day, a frigate was sent to escort Russian warships through the North Sea as it passed close to UK waters.


The Chinese government says it will tightly control the size of its financial hub Shanghai, limiting the city's population to 25 million people by 2035. The decision forms part of the State Council's development plans for the coastal metropolis, which is already home to 24 million people.


BBC News.

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