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BBC News: 澳大利亚难民问题

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BBC News: 澳大利亚难民问题

 BBC news with Jerry Smit.


Police in Papua New Guinea has moved about 40 refugees and asylum seekers from a closed Australian detention center on Manus island. But more than 300 others remained. The center was shut down last month. But the refugees have refused to go to a new immigration center on the island, saying they feared attacks from local people.


The Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen is due to allow renewed human itarianaccess to the country's main port airport, and sea port today. Traffic was cut off early this month, after a Houthi missile attack on Riyadh.


The Argentine navy is investigating reports of a loud noise detected few hours after one of its submarine vanished last week. A spokesman refused to confirm reports of an explosion.


Preparations are getting underway in Zimbabwe for the inauguration on Friday of the country's new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa. He thanks supporters after his return to the country.


The U.S attorney of general Jeff Sessions has ordered a review of the database used to check the background of people who want to buy guns. Investigations will examine the key information about the man who carried out the recent mass shooting in Texas, apparently failed to appear on the system.


The national election committee in Cambodia has assigned a 3rd seat in Parliament to a party which failed to annul them in last election. The seat will be redistributed after the main opposition party was banned.


The Iraqi army says it has launched a major offensive to drive Islamic militants out of western desert region bordering Syria. A statement said the army, police and paramilitary unit were focusing on the certain districts of the Sala Hudin Niniwa and Armbar provinces.


And Germany president Frank-Walter Steinmeier is due to hold talks with the leader of social democratic party Martin Schulz today. It's the latest meeting designed to avoid a snap poll following inconclusive elections.

德国总统Frank-Walter Steinmeier今天将和社会民主党领袖舒尔茨会谈。这是为了避免不确定性的选举过后再举行临时选举的最新一次会议。

BBC news.


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