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老友记学英语第一季01 莫妮卡的新室友The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate(中英字幕)

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老友记学英语第一季第一集,莫妮卡的新室友 The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate,MP3配有中英同步字幕。

The One Where It All Began (Pilot) 六人行 第1季 第01集 莫妮卡的新室友   
There's nothing to tell. It's just some guy I work with. 没什么好说的! 他不过是我的同事!   
You're going out with the guy. 少来了,你和那个人一起出去!   
There has to be something wrong with him. 和你交往的男人一定有问题!   
All right,Joey. Be nice. 打住,乔伊,嘴下留德   
So does he have a hump and a hairpiece? 他驼背?既驼背又带假发?   
Wait,does he eat chalk? 慢着,他吃粉笔吗?   
I don't want her to go through what I did with Carl. 我只是不想你重蹈我和卡尔的覆辙   
Okay,everybody relax. This is not even a date. 各位别急, 这不算约会   
It's just two people going out to dinner and not having sex. 我们不过是出去吃晚餐 而且不做爱   
Sounds like a date to me. 听起来好像是说我的约会   
I'm in high school, in the cafeteria.. 记得中学时代的梦, 我站在自助餐厅   
and I realize I'm totally naked. 突然发现自己全身赤裸   
I've had that dream. 我做过那样的梦   
Then I look down and I realize there is a phone. 我低头一看, 看见有一支电话…   
there. 在那儿   
- Instead of - That's right!而不是…? - 没错   
Never had that one. 我没做过那样的梦   
All of a sudden, the phone starts to ring. 突然,那个电话响了  
What do I do? Everyone starts looking at me. 我不知道该怎么办, 大家都看着我  
They weren't looking at you before? 之前他们就不看着你?!  
Finally,I figure I'd better answer it. 最后,我觉得应该接这个电话  
And it turns out it's my mother. 发现是我妈妈打来的,  
Which is very,very weird because she never calls me. 这十分怪 因为….她从来不打电话给我!  
Hi. 嘿   
He says,"Hello," I want to kill myself. 这家伙说“你好”的时候, 我总想杀了我自己  
You okay? 你还好吧?  
I feel like someone pulled my intestine out of my mouth.. 我就感觉好像某人伸手进我的喉咙, 抓住我的小肠,从我的嘴里拉出来  
- and tied it around my neck. - Cookie? 再在我的脖子上打结… - 要饼干吗?  
Carol moved her stuff out today. 卡箩今天搬走了她的东西   
- Let me get you some coffee. - Thanks.我给你拿咖啡。 - 谢谢  
No,don't! Stop cleansing my aura. 不,不要! 不要清理我的气息!  
- Just leave my aura alone,okay? - Fine,be murky. 不要管我的气息,好吗? - 好呀!  继续痛苦吧!  
- I'll be fine. I hope she'll be happy. - No,you don't. 我会没事的,好吧?。 真的,各位,我希望她开心。不,你并不希望  
No,I don't. To hell with her. She left me! 是的,我不希望!  去她的, 她离开了我!  
You never knew she was a lesbian? 你又不知道她是女同性恋   
No! Okay? 不知道!! 行了吧?!  
Why does everyone keep fixating on that? 为什么每个人老是提它?  
She didn't know. How should I know? 她都不知道,我怎么会知道?  
Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian. 有时候我希望我是女同性恋…   
Did I say that out loud? 我大声说出来啦?  
I told Mom and Dad last night. They took it pretty well. 我昨晚告诉爸爸妈妈了, 他们看起来没什么问题  
Oh,really? 噢, 真的吗?  
So that hysterical phone call from a woman sobbing.那我凌晨三点接到一个女人 打来的可笑电话,她在电话中抽泣说  
"I'll never have grandchildren," was what? A wrong number? “我不会有孙子了,我不会有孙子了。” 那是怎么回事?打错电话啦?  
Sorry. 对不起   
Look,you're feeling a lot of pain right now. 没事的,罗斯,瞧。 你现在感到很痛苦  
You're angry. You're hurting. 你很生气。你感到伤心  
Can I tell you what the answer is? 我告诉你答案是什么?  
Strip joints! 脱衣舞俱乐部!  
Hey,you're single. Have some hormones. 别这样,你单身了!有需求的!  
But I don't want to be single,okay? 我不想单身,好吗?  
I just want to be married again. 我只想….再次结婚!  
And I just want a million dollars! 而我只想要100万美金!  
- Rachel? - Oh,Monica! Thank God!  瑞秋?! - 噢,上帝,莫妮卡,你好,感谢上帝!  
I went to your building.我刚到你那里去,而你不在,  
and a guy with a hammer said you'd be here,and you are. 那个拿着大锤子的家伙说你可能在这里, 你真在这里,你真在这里!  
- Can I get you some coffee? - Decaf. 你想点咖啡吗? - 无咖啡因的  
Everybody,this is Rachel, a Lincoln High survivor.好了,各位,这位是瑞秋, 另一个林肯高中的幸存者  
This is everybody. Chandler and Phoebe.这就是各位啦 这是钱德,菲比  
Joey. Remember my brother,Ross? 乔伊。 还有,你还记得我哥哥Ross吗?  
Sure!当然,你好! - 你好  
You want to tell us now,or are we waiting for four wet bridesmaids? 那你现在可以告诉我们了吗, 还是说我们在等着四位湿漉的伴娘?  
Well,it started about a half-hour before the wedding.好吧,大概在婚礼前半个小时。  
I was in the room with all the presents.我在礼品间里   
and I was looking at this really gorgeous Limoges gravy boat. 我正看着那个船形卤肉盘。 那是个非常好看的船形卤肉盘  
When all of a sudden 然后,突然-  
Sweet 'N Low? 有糖吗?  
I realized I was more turned on by this gravy boat than Barry. 我发现我对这个船形卤肉盘 比对Barry更有冲动!  
I got freaked out, and it hit me: 然后我吓呆了,突然想到: 
How much Barry looks like Mr. Potato Head. Barry看起来多象土豆头先生呀   
I always knew he looked familiar,but..我总是觉得他眼熟,但是…  
I had to get out of there, and I started wondering.. 不管怎么说,我必须离开那里, 我在想  
"Why am I doing this," and "Who am I doing it for?"“我为什么这样做, 我为谁这样做?”  
I didn't know where to go, and I know we've drifted apart.. 我不知道该去哪里, 而且我知道我和你有点疏远了  
but you're the only person I know here. 但你是我这个城市里唯一认识的人   
- Who wasn't invited to the wedding. - I hoped that wouldn't be an issue. 还没有被邀请到婚礼上。 - 噢,我不希望提起这件事….  
I guess he bought her the pipe organ, and she's really not happy about it. 我猜他给她买了个管风琴, 而她很不喜欢那个  
"Tuna or egg salad! Decide!" 吐拿鱼或鸡蛋沙拉?快决定!  
"I'll have whatever Christina's having." “克莉丝汀吃什么我吃什么。”  
Daddy,I just I can't marry him. 爸爸,我只是…不能嫁给他!  
I'm sorry. I just don't love him. 对不起,我只是不爱他了  
Well,it matters to me! 这对我很有关系!  
"If I let go of my hair, my head will fall off."“如果我不抓着我的头发, 我的头就会掉下来。”  
She should not be wearing those pants. 噢,她真不应该穿那条裤子  
Push her down the stairs!我说把她推下楼   
Push her! Push her down the stairs! 把她推下楼!把她推下楼! 把她推下楼!  
Come on,Daddy,listen! 爸爸,听我说!  
All my life,everyone's always told me,"You're a shoe!" 这就好像,在我一生中, 所有人都告诉我, “你是鞋子!”  
"You're a shoe!"“你是鞋子,你是鞋子,你是鞋子!”  
What if I don't want to be a shoe? 然后今天,我不这么认为了,对我自己说, '如果我不想成为鞋子呢?  
What if I want to be a purse? 如果我想成为一个包?  
Or a hat? 或一顶帽?  
No,I don't want you to buy me a hat! 不,我不是让你给我买帽子  
It's a metaphor,Daddy! 这是个比喻,爸爸!  
You can see where he'd have trouble. 你能发现他哪里出问题了   
Look,Daddy, it's my life. 爸爸,这是我的生活  
Well,maybe I'll just stay here with Monica. 也许我可以和莫妮卡住在一起   
I guess we've established she's staying with Monica. 我猜我们已经确定 她和莫妮卡住在一起了…   
Well,maybe that's my decision. 也许那是我的决定   
Maybe I don't need your money. 也许我不需要你的钱   
Wait! I said maybe!等等!我说也许!!  
Just breathe. That's it. 呼吸,呼吸,对啦  
Try to think of nice,calm things. 只想着一些让你镇定的好东西…   
Raindrops on roses And whiskers on kittens玫瑰上的雨滴 还有猫的胡须   
Doorbells and sleigh bells And something with mittens 门铃和雪橇铃还有手套…   
La la la something And noodles with string 啦啦啦,还有一些面条…  
I'm all better now. 我现在好多了   
I helped. 我帮上忙啦!  
This is probably for the best. 瞧,这也许是最好的?  
Independence. Controlling your life. The whole hat thing. 独立了,把握自己的生活。 就像你说的“帽子”的事情  
You can always come to Joey. 还有,你还需要什么, 你可以来找乔伊  
Me and Chandler live across the hall. He's away a lot. 我和钱德就住在对面。 而且他经常不在  
Stop hitting on her! It's her wedding day. 乔伊,不要再勾引她了! 今天是她结婚的日子!  
Like there's a rule,or something? 怎么啦,难道这还有什么规定吗?  
I got it. 我来   
Please don't do that again. It's a horrible sound. 请不要再这么干,那是很讨厌的声音  
It's Paul. 恩,我是保罗  
Oh,God,is it 6:30? Buzz him in. 天呀,到6:30了吗?让他进来!  
- Who's Paul? - Paul,the wine guy? 谁是保罗? - 保罗,调酒师, 保罗?  
Maybe. 也许是吧   
Your "not a real date" is with Paul,the wine guy? 等等,你今晚的“不是真正约会” 是和调酒师保罗?  
- He finally asked you out? - Yes!他终于约你出去啦? - 是的!  
It's a "Dear Diary" moment.噢,真是个可以载入日记的时刻  
- Rach,I can cancel. - Please,go,I'll be fine.瑞秋, 等等,我可以取消…. - 不,别,你去吧,没什么的!  
Ross,are you okay? Do you want me to stay? Ross,你还好吧? 你希望我留下来吗?  
That'd be good. 那会很好的…   
- Really?- Go on! It's Paul,the wine guy! 真的? - 不,去吧! 那可是调酒师保罗!  
Does he sell it,drink it? 那是什么意思? 他卖酒,喝酒  
Or he just complains a lot? 还是抱怨酒?  
Hi,come in! Paul,this is.. 进来,保罗,这是。  
everybody. Everybody,this is Paul. 大家, 各位,这是保罗  
- The wine guy. - I didn't catch your name. Paul? 你好! 保罗!嘿!调酒师!嘿! - 对不起,我没听清楚你的名字。保罗,是吗?  
I'll be right back. I've just gotta go 好啦,我就….我就回来,我要…….  
A-wandering? 闲逛?  
Change. 换衣服!  
Sit down. Two seconds. 好了,坐会儿。 很快就好  
I just pulled out four eyelashes. That can't be good. 噢,我刚拔掉四根睫毛。 不是个好兆头  
Hey,Paul,here's a tip. 你好, 保罗! 告诉你个小秘密  
She really likes it when you rub her neck in the same spot.. 她很喜欢你来回在同一个地方揉她的脖子   
until it starts to get red. 重复来重复去,直到变红为止  
Shut up,Joey! 闭嘴, 乔伊!  
What are you up to tonight? 那么瑞秋,你今晚…打算干什么?  
I was supposed to be headed for Aruba on my honeymoon.. 我本来应该到Aruba度蜜月   
so,nothing. 所以…没事做!  
Right. You're not even getting your honeymoon. 是呀,你都没办法过蜜月  
Although,Aruba. This time of year? 不过,Aruba,这个时候…?  
Talk about your.. 你可以谈论下。  
big lizards. 大蜥蜴   
If you don't want to be alone tonight.. 不管怎样,如果今晚你觉得寂寞的话  
Joey and Chandler are helping me with my furniture. 乔伊和钱德要过来帮我组装我的新家具   
We're very excited about it. 是呀,而且我们为此感到兴奋  
Thanks. But I'm just going to hang out here. 谢谢了,不过我想今晚还是呆在这里吧  
- It's been a long day. - Oh,sure.今天可真是漫长。 - 是呀,没错  
Phoebe,wanna help?嘿,Pheebs,你要来帮忙吗?  
I wish I could, but I don't want to. 噢,我希望我能,但是我不想  
Love is sweet as summer showers Love is a wondrous work of art 爱情就像夏日冲凉一样甜美, 爱情是无以伦比的艺术品  
But your love Oh,your love,your love 但是,你的爱呀,你的爱, 你的爱…  
Is like a giant pigeon 就好像一只巨大的鸽子…   
Crapping on my heart 在我心中排泄   
Thank you. La-la-la-la-la-  La-la-la-la…谢谢。呜呜呜呜呜呜  
I'm supposed to attach a bracket-y thing to the side things.. 我应该把支架固定在侧面   
using a bunch of these little worm guys.用螺纹蜗轮…   
I have no bracket-y thing. I see no worm guys whatsoever.. 我没有支架,没有看到螺纹蜗轮  
and I cannot feel my legs. 而且。。我的腿麻了  
- We got a bookcase. - It's beautiful.我想我们弄好书架了。 - 看起来不错  
What's this? 那是什么?  
I would have to say that is an L-shaped bracket. 我认为那应该是个L型支架   
- Which goes where? - I have no idea.它应该安在哪里? - 我完全…没有主意  
- Done with the bookcase. - All finished. 搞定书架了! -完工了!  
This was Carol's favorite beer. 这是卡箩最喜欢的啤酒   
She always drank it out of the can. I should have known. 她总是不用罐喝,我该知道  
- Start with that,we're out of here. - Please don't spoil all this fun. 你要是再开始那些话,我们就走了。 - 就是,不要把这些快乐给搞砸了  
Let me ask you. Ross,问你一个问题   
She got the furniture, the stereo,the good TV. 她得到家具,音响,电视-  
What did you get? 你得到了什么?  
- You guys. - You got screwed. 你们呀。   - 天呀。 - 你被坑了。 - 上帝!  
- Oh,my God. - I know. I'm such an idiot.我的老天! - 我知道,我是个笨蛋  
I should've known when she went to the dentist five times a week. 当她一礼拜见4,5次牙医, 我就该知道了  
I mean,how clean can teeth get? 谁的牙齿需要这么干净呀?  
My brother's going through that. 我哥哥正在克服这种事呢, 他糟透了  
How did you get over it? 你是怎么克服的?  
He might accidentally break something valuable of hers. 你可以试着砸烂她的一些贵重的东西   
- Say her - Leg? 比如她的… - …腿?  
That's one way of doing it. I went for the watch. 那是一个例子! 我- 砸了她的表  
You actually broke her watch? 你真的砸了她的表?  
The worst I ever did was shred my old boyfriend's favorite towel. 我干的最坏的一件事是… 把我男友最喜欢的浴巾撕烂了   
- Steer clear of you. - That's right. 消除痛苦。 - 没错  
Barry,I'm sorry. I am so sorry. Barry,对不起,对不起  
You probably think it's about making love with your socks on,but it isn't. 我知道你可能认为和那天我对你说 你穿袜子做爱有关,但不是的  
It's about me. And I just 这和我有关,我只是…  
The machine cut me off again. Anyway.. 嘿,机器又把线路挂断了。  
I know that some lucky girl is going to become Mrs. Barry Finkel. 我知道会有很幸运的女孩 成为凡可·巴瑞太太的   
But it isn't me. It's not me. 但她不会是我   
Not that I have any idea who "me" is right now,but you just 而且我现在也不知道我到底是谁。  但你得给我机会去。  
I'm divorced. 我离婚了!  
- I'm only 26,and I'm divorced! - Shut up! 我才26岁就离婚了! - 闭嘴!  -你得停下来!  
That only took me an hour. 我花了一个小时弄那个   
We haven't had a relationship that's lasted longer than a Mento. Ross,你得明白, 我们两个还没有长久的恋爱关系呢  
You have had the love of a woman for four years. 而你已经和一个女人相爱四年了   
Four years of closeness and sharing, after which she ripped your heart out. 四年的亲近和分享, 最后她把你的心给伤透了  
That is why we don't do it! 这就是为什么我们不这么干!  
I don't think that was my point! 我不认为那是我的意思!  
Know what's scary? What if there's only one woman for everybody? 你知道最可怕的地方是什么吗?  如果每个人只有一个女人适合,知道吗?  
I mean,what if you get one woman,and that's it? 就是说如果你拥有一个女人,就成了  
Unfortunately,in my case, there was only one woman for her. 不幸的是,她拥有了一个女人…  
What are you talking about? One woman. 你在说什么呀? '一个女人‘?  
That's like saying there's only one flavor of ice cream. 那就好像你只有一种口味的冰激凌   
Let me tell you something. There's lots of flavors out there. 让我告诉你,Ross. 还有很多种口味  
Rocky road and cookie dough and bing cherry vanilla. 有Rocky Road口味,Cookie Dough口味, 然后还有香草口味  
You can get them with jimmies or nuts or whipped cream. 还可以和糖条,果仁,或者奶油一起吃!  
It's the best thing to happen to you! 现在是你一生中最好的事情发生了!  
You got married. You were like,what,8? 你难道是八岁结婚的?  
Welcome back to the world. Grab a spoon! 欢迎回到现实里! 拿起勺子!  
- I don't know if I'm hungry or horny. - Then stay out of my freezer.我真不知道我是饿了还是饥渴了。 - 离我的冰箱远点!  
Ever since she walked out on me.. 从她离开我之后,我…  
What? 怎么啦?  
You wanna spell it out with noodles? 难道你想边吃面条边讲出来?  
It's more of a fifth date kind of revelation. 不,不止要和你第五次约会的事情  
So there's going to be a fifth date? 噢,那么会有第五次约会咯?  
Isn't there? 你不想?  
Yeah,yeah. I think there is.不,我想  
What were you going to say? 你要说什么?  
Ever since she left me.. 好吧,自从,自从她离开我之后  
I haven't been able to perform.. 我就一直不能,不能。  
sexually. 过性生活   
Oh,God! I'm so sorry. 噢天那,对不起,对不起… - 没事,没事…  
Being spit on is probably not what you need right now. 我知道被人吐水应该不是你现在需要的   
How long? 恩,多久了?  
- Two years. - Wow. 两年。 - 哇哦!  
I'm glad you smashed her watch.哇哦!我真高兴你砸了她的表!  
So you still think you might want that fifth date? 那你还希望有第五次约会吗?  
Yeah. Yeah,I do. 是的,我希望  
We are gathered here to join Joanie Louise Cunningham.. 我们今天聚在这里参加Joanne Louise Cunningham   
and Charles. Chachi,Chachi,Chachi.. 和Charles. Chachi-Chachi-Chachi Arcola   
in the bonds of holy matrimony. 的神圣婚礼   
See! 看!  
But Joanie loved Chachi. That's the difference. 可是Joanne爱的是Chachi! 这就是不同!  
"Grab a spoon." “拿起勺子。。”  
Do you know how long it's been since I grabbed a spoon? 你知道我多久没拿勺子了吗?  
Do the words,"Billy,don't be a hero," mean anything to you? 难道‘比利,别撑英雄‘ 这句话对你没意义?  
Great story. But I gotta go. 真是个好故事!。 但是,我得走了  
I got a date with Andrea. Angela. No,Andrea. 我要和Andrea,还是Angela, 还是Andrea约会?  该死  
Andrea's the screamer. Angela has cats. Andrea是爱尖叫的那个, Angela有猫  
Right,thanks. It's Julie. I'm out of here. 好啦。谢啦。是Julie.我走了  
Here's the thing. Even if I could get it together enough.. 问题来了。。 就算我想。  
to ask a woman out.. 约一个女人出来   
who am I going to ask? 我该约谁?  
Isn't this amazing? I've never made coffee in my life. 是不是很不可思议? 我以前可从来没冲过咖啡  
- That is amazing. - Congratulations. 是很不可思议。 - 恭喜你  
If I can make coffee, there isn't anything I can't do. 我认为如果我能冲咖啡, 我就什么事都可以做了  
I think it's,"If I can invade Poland, there's nothing I can't do." 我认为应该是, “如果我能入侵波兰, 我就什么事都可以做了。”  
If you feel like you have to make a Western omelet or something.. 你现在正进入角色, 有没有想做个蛋卷之类的东西…  
Although,actually I'm really not that hungry. 不过我还不太饿…   
Oh,good. Lenny and Squiggy are here. 真不赖, Lenny和Squigy在这里  
- Good morning. - Good morning. 早上好 早上好   
- Morning. - Morning,Paul. 早上好。 - 早上好, 保罗  
- Hello,Paul. - Hi. Paul,is it? 你好, 保罗。 - 嘿, 保罗, 对吗?  
- Thank you so much. - Stop.谢谢你!  太感谢你了! - 不要这样!  
Last night was like all my birthdays,both graduations.. 不,我要告诉你,昨晚上我就好像。。 我所有的生日。。毕业典礼  
plus the barn-raising scene in Witness. 外加大厦落成典礼   
We'll talk later. 我们过会再说   
Thank you. 好的,谢谢你  
That wasn't a real date. 那不是真正的约会?!  
What the hell do you do on a real date? 你真正的约会干什么?  
Shut up and put my table back. 闭嘴,把我的桌子搬回去。 - 好的!  
I've got to get to work. 好啦,孩子们,我要去工作啦  
If I don't input those numbers, it doesn't make much of a difference. 不过如果我不把那些数字输入,… 也不会有什么区别  
So,like,you guys all have jobs? 你们都有工作吗?  
Yeah,we all have jobs. That's how we buy stuff. 对,我们都有。。 这样我们才有钱买东西  
- Yeah,I'm an actor. - Have I seen you in anything? 对,我是演员。 - 哇!我有见过你的作品吗?  
I doubt it. Mostly regional work. 我不认为。大部分是地方性节目  
Unless you saw the Wee One's production of Pinocchio.. 等等,除非你在公园小剧场  
at the little theater in the park? 看过重排的木偶奇遇记   
It was a job! 那还是份工作吧?  
"Look,Geppetto. I'm a real live boy." '瞧,Gippetto,我是个真正的小男孩。‘  
- I will not take this abuse. - You're right,I'm sorry. 别这样羞辱我。 - 你是对的,对不起  
Once I was a wooden boy A little wooden boy “当我还是个小木头人,小木头人…”  
You should both know that he's a dead man.你们该知道,他快死了  
Oh,Chandler! 噢, 钱德?  
How are you doing today? Sleep okay? 你今天怎么样? 睡得好吗?  
Did you talk to Barry? I can't stop smiling. 和Barry谈过吗? 我笑个不停  
I see that. You look like you slept with a hanger in your mouth. 看得出来,你就好像睡觉时 有个衣架在你嘴里  
I know. He's just so.. 我知道,他只是太…..  
- Remember you and Tony Demarco? - Oh,yeah. 你还记得你和Tony DeMarco吗? - 是的,记得  
Well,it's like that. With feelings. 就好像那样。。的感觉  
- Wow,are you in trouble! - Big time!哇,你有麻烦了。 - 没错!  
Want a wedding dress? Hardly used. 想要婚纱吗? 几乎没用过  
I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. 我想我们谈的远了点   
I'm going to get up,go to work, and not think about him all day. 好啦,我要站起来,去工作了, 而且不整天想着他  
Or else I'm going to get up and go to work. 或者只是站起来工作   
- Wish me luck! - What for?那么,祝我好运! - 为什么?  
I'm gonna go get one of those job things. 我要去找那个工作的什么东西   
- Hi,Monica. - Franny,welcome back.嘿, 莫妮卡!。 - 嘿,Frannie,欢迎回来!  
- How was Florida? - You had sex,didn't you? 佛罗里达怎么样? - 你做爱了,是吗??  
- How do you do that? - I hate you.你怎么知道的? - 我恨你  
I'm pushing my aunt through Parrot Jungle,you're having sex. 我在和我的Roz阿姨穿过鹦鹉丛林, 你却在做爱!  
So,who? 那么,是和谁?  
You know Paul? 你认识保罗吗?  
Paul,the wine guy? Yeah,I know Paul. 保罗,调酒那个? 是呀,我认识保罗  
You mean,you know Paul like I know Paul? 你认识他就好像我认识他一样?  
What? I take credit for Paul. 开玩笑吧? 保罗还欠我人情呢  
Before me,there was no snap in his turtle for two years. 在我之前, 他两年都没办法过性生活  
Of course it was a line. 当然那是个谎言!  
Why would anybody do something like that? 为什么?为什么有人会做这样的事情?  
I assume we want an answer more sophisticated than: 我想更复杂的答案是   
"To get you into bed." “和你上床”   
I hate men. 我恨男人,我恨男人!  
Don't hate. You don't want to put that out into the universe. 不,不要这样, 你不会希望把他们赶出宇宙的  
Is it me? 是因为我吗?  
Is it like I have some sort of beacon that only dogs.. 是因为我有某种导向类的东西, 只有狗。  
and men with emotional problems can hear? 有感情问题的男人才会发觉?  
Come here. Give me your feet. 好啦,过来这里,把你的脚给我  
I just thought he was nice,you know?我只是以为他是个好人   
I can't believe you didn't know it was a line. 我真不敢相信 你不知道那是个谎言!  
- Guess what? - You got a job?猜猜怎么样? - 你得到工作啦?  
Are you kidding? I'm trained for nothing. 开玩笑吗?我一点经验都没有!  
- I was laughed out of 12 interviews. - You're surprisingly upbeat.我今天被十二个招聘的嘲笑。。 - 而且你还这么高兴。  
You'd be too, if you found these boots on sale.. 你也会的高兴的 如果你发现John和David的皮靴打… !   
50% off. 5折   
How well you know me. 是呀,你多了解我…  
They're my "I don't need a job.. 这就是我的新皮靴 我不需要工作,我不需要父母   
I've got great boots" boots. 我有我的新皮靴!  
- How did you pay? - Credit card.你用什么付帐的? - 恩,信用卡  
And who pays for that? 那谁付帐单呢?  
My father. 恩… 我… 爸爸   
Is this really necessary? I can stop charging any time. 天呀,各位,这真的必要吗? 我随时都可以停止使用的  
You can't live off your parents. 你不能靠你爸爸过一辈子   
I know that. That's why I was getting married. 我知道,这就是为什么我要结婚  
Give her a break. It's hard being on your own. 别逼她,第一次独立生活是很困难的  
Thank you. 谢谢你   
I remember when I first came to this city,I was 14. 不客气,记得我第一次来这个城市 我才十四岁  
Mom had killed herself, stepdad was in jail. 我妈妈刚自杀,我的继父进了监狱  
I didn't know anybody here. 然后在这里我不认识任何人   
I ended up living with this albino guy who was cleaning windshields. 然后我和一个在港务局 给人擦车窗的白化病人住在一起   
And then he killed himself. 最后他也自杀了   
Then I found aromatherapy. So I know exactly how you feel. 然后我找到按摩这份工作。 所以相信我,我完全了解你的感受  
The word you're looking for is: 你想说的话是: 
"Anyway.." '总之‘…  
- You ready? - No,how can I be ready? 好了,准备好了吗?? - 不不不,我没准备好,我怎么能准备好?  
"Ready to jump out of the plane with no parachute?" “嘿, 瑞秋! 你没带降落伞就跳出飞机了?”  
- I can't do this. - I know you can.不要这样,我做不到! - 你行,我知道你行!  
- No. - You made coffee,you can do anything.我不这么想。 - 来嘛,你会泡咖啡!你能做任何事!  
Cut. Cut. Cut. 来吧,剪掉,剪掉,剪掉,剪掉,剪掉,…  
You know what? I think we can leave it at that. 知道吗? 我想我们可以就把它们放在这里  
- Kind of a symbolic gesture. - Rachel,that was a library card. 这就好像某个肢体符号… - 瑞秋!那是图书卡!  
If you listen closely,you can hear a thousand retailers scream. 知道吗,如果你仔细听, 你可以听到店主们在尖叫  
Welcome to the real world! 欢迎来到真实世界!  
It sucks. You're gonna love it. 它很糟糕,但是你会喜欢的!  
That's it. Are you going to crash on the couch? 好啦,够啦。 你要在沙发上睡?  
- No,I gotta go home sometime. - Are you gonna be okay?不,我要回家。 - 你还好吗?   - 是的  
Look what I just found on the floor. 嘿,莫妮卡,瞧我刚在地板上发现什么  
That's Paul's watch. Just put it back where you found it. 那是保罗的手表。 你就把它放回原处吧  
Oh,boy! All right. 哦,孩子们,好啦   
- Good night,everybody. - Good night. 好吧,晚安,各位。 - 晚安  
- I'm sorry. Have it,I don't want it. - Split it? 对不起,你拿吧  - 不,你吃吧,我不想吃它 - 分着吃?   - 好吧  
You probably didn't know this, but in high school.. 好吧,你可能不知道,在高中,我曾  
I had a major crush on you. 暗恋过你   
I knew. 我知道   
You did? 你知道!噢….  
I figured you thought I was Monica's geeky brother. 我还以为你一直认为 我是莫妮卡的怪哥哥呢   
I did. 我是这么认为的   
Listen,do you think..? 听着, 你是不是认为。。?  
Try not to let my vulnerability become a factor here. 噢,你不要太在意我的脆弱  
Do you think it would be okay if I asked you out sometime? 但是你认为我可以约你出去吗?有时?可能?  
Yeah. 当然   
Maybe. 可能   
Okay. 好吧   
Okay,maybe I will. 好吧,可能我会…  
- Good night. - Good night.晚安。 - 晚安  
See you. 再见….   
Wait,wait. What's with you? 等等,你怎么啦?  
I just grabbed a spoon. 我只是刚刚拿起勺子   
- I can't believe what I'm hearing. - Can't believe what I'm hearing 我真不敢相信我的耳朵。 - 我真不敢相信我的耳朵。  
- What? I said -  What? I said 怎么啦,我说你有个- - 我说你有个…  
- Would you stop? - Was I doing it again?你能不能不那么干? - 噢,我又来了?  
Yes! 没错!  
I said you had a nice butt. It's just not a great butt. 我说你有个好臀部。 但不是个很棒的臀部。  
- You won't know a butt if it bit you. - There's an image. 噢,如果它不凑过来给你打一下, 你是不知道它是不是很棒的臀部的。 - 想象一下  
Would anybody like more coffee? 有人要咖啡吗?  
You made it, or you're serving it? 你冲的,还是你端的?  
- I'm just serving it. - I'll have a cup of coffee. 我端的。 -- 好吧,我要杯咖啡  
Kids,new dream. 孩子们,新的梦…  
I'm in Las Vegas. 我在拉斯维加斯   
Miss,more coffee? 小姐?能再来点咖啡吗?  
Could you give this to that guy over there? 哦,对不起, 你能把这个给拿到那边吗?  
Go ahead. Thank you. 继续呀。。 谢谢  
Sorry. Okay,Las Vegas. 对不起。 好吧,拉斯维加斯  
I'm in Las Vegas. 我在拉斯维加斯   
I'm Liza Minnelli.. …我是Liza Minelli-

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